Blogger Xchange Xperience: Pepper Boxing

Whew! What an intense workout! Leigh and I hosted another fun, fitness event for Blogger Xchange. This time is was at Pepper Boxing in Green Hills. Chase was our instructor for the 50 minute workout. He took the time to demonstrate proper technique, had high energy, and brought laughter during the session. The class we did was the signature one that combined, shadowboxing, weighted bar exercises, and a great selection of up-beat music!


At the conclusion of class, we all went to the teardrop heavy bag that was in the middle of the class, tapped it and yelled "PEPPER." We all felt so accomplished after the work out. It was great high-fiving and talking with everyone afterwards about how they felt about the class. One blogger I chatted with had never taken any type of boxing class before and she thoroughly enjoyed the class. She said it was just the right amount of technique being taught, but not too much to wear she could not enjoy the workout.

pepperboxing nashville

Defiance Fuel, a water company that has perfected the cellular hydration process, provided everyone with water after the sweat session! I downed my first bottle quickly and it was so refreshing! You might think all water is the same, but let me tell you it is NOT! Defiance Fuel is clinically proven to improve Intracellular/Extracellular Water Ratios and Cell Charge or Parallel Capacitance which is a measurement of cell membrane health. I highly recommend it especially after workouts!

Defiance Fuel

Food was provided by Eat Well Nashville and it was SO. DELICIOUS. Eat Well Nashville is company that offers healthy, fresh cooked meals and has a home/office delivery service that can meet your needs. They offer Family Style Meals, Meal Packs, and snack just to name a few. Not only did we enjoy the spicy bbq beef meatballs, mixed greens, lemon sundried orzo pasta and beet and goat cheese tortelline, but each blogger was able to take home a meal as well. I opted for the Fajita Turkey Stuffed Pepper which came with a roasted red bell pepper stuffed with fajita-seasoned ground turkey and mixed cheese. It was served with a side of black bean corn salsa and crisp broccoli, and it was so tasty!

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