New Year, New Goals Workshop - S.M.A.R.T. Goals

Leigh and I kicked off Blogger Xchange this year by having a New Year, New Goals workshop at TheLab co-working space in Nashville. We wanted the bloggers in our network to focus on not only their business goals for the year but their personal ones as well. For the workshop, we had two phenomenal co-teachers, Alex of Lex What Wear and Melissa of Fab Glance. Both bloggers shared about their blogging journeys along with various obstacles they faced in their personal life as well.

kayelle - bloggerxchangegoalsevent - Melissa and Lex

Because we love including hands-on aspects in all of our workshops, time was set aside for each attendee to reflect on goals that they didn’t reach in 2018 and determine why those were not accomplished. Everyone also listed out 5 personal goals and 5 business goals using the S.M.A.R.T. acronym:

S - SPECIFIC: Provide a clear description of what needs to be achieved

M - MEASUREABLE - Include a metric with a target that indicates success

A - ACHIEVABLE : Set a challenging target, but keep to realistic

R - RELEVANT: Keep your goal consistent with your higher level goals

T - TIME BOUND: Set a date for when your goal needs to be achieved

SMART GOALS - Goal Setting - Get back on track

Before the workshop concluded. Each blogger exchanged information with their new accountability partner, because let’s face it having someone help you stay on track and check in periodically is a great way to keep focused!