Girls Day Out At The Frist with Urbaanite


Photo Credit: Toya Michele (Instagram)

A few weeks ago, I was able to visit the Frist Center for the Visual Arts' Irving Penn: Beyond Beauty exhibit with a few other local bloggers thanks to Urbaanite. Irving Penn was a world renowned photographer who was celebrated for over 60 years as Vogue magazine's top photographer. He was truly a visual storyteller. He photographed an array of subjects throughout his lifetime including children, celebrities, and landscapes just to name a few. 


Photo Credit: Toya Michele (Instagram)

The Frist offered a great selection of Penn's works, and I really enjoyed looking at each photograph and seeing his attention to detail. Viewing his fashion photography showed me why he was and is considered a top Vogue photographer, and of course I enjoyed all of those photos. Please know that Penn was very multi-dimensional as a photographer. Before marrying his wife, Penn did a series where he photographed women. With so much pressure on women to look a certain way and be a certain size, I really appreciated that he chose curvy women as subjects. It is hard to describe, but I could see throughout this series that he saw these women as art - when you visit the exhibit you will understand! Another series that caught my eye dealt with turning trash/waste into a form of art. In this series, Irving Penn photographed trash he found on the ground (cigarette buds, paper, etc), placed it perfectly, and captured it beautifully with the right lighting and shadows. 


 Photo Credit: Toya Michele (Instagram)

One interesting fact, that I learned was that Penn used his wife who was noted as the first supermodel as a subject for many of his photos. As a blogger that is in a relationship with a photographer (I know it seems so cliche), I am in a lot of Si's photos as well. Before the exhibit ends on May 29th, I plan on returning with Si for a date night because I think he would really enjoy the exhibit! 

I was able to vlog a little during the meetup! Please be sure to watch in 1080HD.

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