Bar Method Nashville

I have seen several of my blogger friends take barre classes and was always interested in them. So I was happy that Leigh and I were able to team up with Bar Method to host a fun fitness class for local bloggers through Blogger Xchange. Maia, the owner of Bar Method Nashville, was an awesome instructor! She along with her team-members were eager to assist everyone with correct posture and placement as we did the workout. 


The workout we did was an express 45 session, and let me tell you it was intense! When Maia demonstrated the exercises, they did not seem that difficult, but oh was I was wrong. This workout worked muscles that I honestly didn't event know I had. I cannot wait to go back for more classes and share my experience and fit journey.


After working up a sweat, hydration is key! Defiance Fuel provided the water which was so refreshing. If you aren't familiar with Defiance Fuel, they are a water company that prides themselves on providing a product that increases cellular hydration for athletes. Defiance Fuel has the perfect pH to get your body back to a state of hydration, energy and balance.


Fix Juice Co. sponsored tasty juice for everyone to enjoy! They offered a couple of different juices by my favorite was the Shelby which consists of Cucumber + Apple + Spinach + Kale + Lemon! It was so DELISH!!!

All photos were taken by Sarah Marie!