Walk Confidently into 2017


I shared this photo on Instagram, and it is perfect for the approaching year. I am still working on getting all of my goals on paper - yes, I write them down and organize them into categories like Financial, Spiritual, Blog, etc. - but I must say that I feel ready to walk into 2017. This year has been a great one, I have collaborated with brands I never thought I would, launched a new website, and even monetized it! I don't know what 2017 has in store, but I know that I am ready to put in the work to take my brand, I Am Kay Elle, to the next level!

Now, onto this look! The set is from Boutique J. Renee, and I love it! The Nude Fall Tones Set, is So. Soft. and comfy that it almost felt like I left my house in PJs. The pants fit like a glove and the duster was the perfect length for me. I paired my look with this bootie I picked up from DSW