As a Nashville native, I do not know how I had never been to Cummins Station up until about a few weeks ago. Luckily, the YouTuber I was meeting with chose this as the location! M. Market is a cute deli with a somewhat industrial vibe due to the decor – which I fell in love with immediately upon walking in.  

My favorite piece is the “Kindness is always fashionable” sign!  

Phil was behind the counter and was very pleasant and patient as I debated on what to order. He shared with me some of the local favorites, and after narrowing down the remainder of the options that seemed tasty, I opted for the Chicken Fajita Pizza and a side of Zapp’s Voodoo chips.   

As I type now, I wish I had this Pita in front of me to eat because it was so yummy! The chicken was tender and juicy and the toppings blended perfectly with the handmade sauce.  

The atmosphere, food, and outstanding customer service will definitely have me back!!!   

M. Market & Deli


209 10th Ave S Suite 213

Nashville, TN 37203