Lyft to Your Holiday Parties {Discount Code Included}

The holiday season is here, and that means it is time for parties, parties, and more parties! How are you going to get all of the fun festivities? LYFT! Why Lyft: Because when it comes to ride-sharing, Lyft is the way to go. You can request a ride easily from the app on your phone. For safety, you are able to see the make/model of the car and view ratings of the drivers as well. One of the newest features which I love the most is the "scheduled rides" feature. This is great because if you and your friends want to arrive to the party at a certain time, you can schedule your time of pick up!

So whether you want the convenience of not having to drive or need a designated driver because you plan on sipping on spiked egg nog, Lyft is the way to go! First time Lyft users, can use my code to get up to $50 off your first ride!! The code is KAYELLE and you can click HERE to enter your phone number to download and claim the code!