Live Above x Be Legendary

Fall is here and this lightweight bomber jacket is perfect for the cool days that are ahead. This oxblood bomber is from Appealed Design, an apparel company started by Darin Wyly and Adrian Winston. I love their brand not only because of the great pieces but for the meaning behind their tagline that can be seen throughout their collection: Live Above. Both men have experienced the loss of a parent to cancer and have faced various other challenges throughout life, but they have chosen to "Live Above" their circumstances and encourage others to do the same.

With their brand, the focus is on "keeping others motivated and continuously moving forward. We live in a world where negativity and hardships have become the norm, so we have made it our goal to spread exactly what has helped us get to where we are today and that is to LIVE ABOVE. "

Because I love clothing that has an unexpected element on the back, this bomber is definitely a favorite with LEGENDARY embroidered on the backside!