I shared this photo earlier on Instagram with the caption:

Just Smile. Sometimes even when you're not up to it...just smile. But on those days when you need to shed 1 thug tear and activate your tear ducts that you forgot existed it's ok. Grab a Kleenex. Cry it out. Think of all of the good in your life. And Just Smile✨

Smiling. Somehow even when I am not having the best day, when I am out and about I still offer a friendly smile to others. For one, it's just polite, but also receiving a warm smile back brightens my day even if just a little. Smiling is THE universal and unspoken language that transcends all barriers. So remember to Just Smile!  


On to the look! While I was indulged in Snapchat the other day (it's so hard not to get caught up when you follow some funny people!), one of the girls I follow was saying that it is hard to create date night outfits during Winter months. I could not agree more. It can be difficult. BUT, I think this is a great date night option. Not only is it simple, but you probably already have these pieces or similar in your closet! Shop the look below to see where you can get these items!


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