Giordano's (The BEST Chicago Deep Dish)

After we decided to travel to Chicago for New Years, we polled some of our family and friends to get suggestions on the best Chicago stuffed deep dish pizza and majority said Giordano's. Luckily there was one in walking distance from our hotel so we went on our first night! It did not disappoint. 

The restaurant was packed so we had to wait for about 20 minutes before getting seating. BUT, they had us place our order as we waited so it didn't take long for our food to arrive once we were seated.

We didn't want to spoil our appetite so we ordered the fried mozarella triangles not knowing that they would be so large. The appetizer comes with 6 tasty triangles and a side of house-made marinara sauce for dipping. 

You can't go to a world famous stuffed deep dish pizza restaurant and not order a deep dish pizza. Now Giordano's does also offer salads, sandwiches, italian classics and more on their menu, but if it's your first visit.....get the deep dish!

I ordered a small, stuffed pepperoni that was so cheesy and delicous my mouth is watering now thinking of how yummy it was. When it came to the table SI, asked where all the pepperonis were because as you see above they only have one visible. I tore the pizza open and there infused in the cheesy goodness were the pepperonis. 

Si opted for the Bacon Barbecue Chicken Pizza and looked very happy as it was placed on the table. On this pizza, the typical tomato sauce is replaced with BBQ sauce and the cheese is perfectly integrated with bacon, BBQ basted chicken, and onions! I tasted it, and I must say that I give it a 5 out of 5!!

Overall, the staff was friendly, the service was great and the food exceeded our expectations! We are already planning our next to trip to Chicago, and even though we will try another stuffed pizza place Giordano's pizza will definitely still be one of our meals!