#BlackRedefined: LOVE


“It’s all about falling in love with yourself and sharing that love with someone who appreciates you, rather than looking for love to compensate for a self love deficit.” 
                                                                   ~Eartha Kitt

Self love.

It is so important. Growing up, girls constantly see glorified images of what commercials, TV shows, and movies portray as the "perfect" woman. However, we all know that women come in all shapes, sizes, and skin tones and are beautiful in their own rights. It is up to us - women and men - to teach our little girls that they are beautiful not because they have "good hair" (which I think all hair is good hair, but that's a whole 'notha blog post) or because her skin is light or perfectly chocolate BUT that she is beautiful because of what is inside. Once we instill this in our youth, they will love themselves and in return love others.


My parents are high-school sweethearts. So growing up, my views of relationships and marriage were somewhat like a fairy tale. But boy, after entering adulthood, I quickly learned that love takes work! After I ended my last relationship, I chose to take some time to reflect and focus on my goals and self betterment. I did try to date periodically, but nothing lasted past 2 dates. I kept working on myself and praying that when a good man stepped into my life I'd be ready. Well, he stepped in. Very unexpectedly. But I'm very grateful. 

The picture above sums us up pretty well, and I am happy that Patrick caught this candid. I only wish I could remember what was so funny!!

Photographer: Patrick Webster

Make Up Artist: Elisa Nicole

Hair Stylist: Unique Johnson

Dress: Violet Flower Boutique

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