Monday Motivation

As a creative, I always have a ton of ideas that I jot down on random napkins, post its, or in Google Drive (which my friends know I cannot live without)! Once I do this, I have to get real with myself and determine what few ideas I want to focus on. This is always hard for me because I want to do it all even though of course I can’t. So once I narrow down and identify what it is I want to do, I create a plan on how to get there. I am a firm believer in planning and honestly, I sometimes over plan – yes this is possible, but planning and creating an outline on how to bring your idea to life is a must! One thing to remember is that you will face obstacles whether big or small that can force you to change your execution plan. If the obstacle is great you might consider giving up, but DON’T!  When this happens just remember to go with the flow and like the quote says “…adjust your sails.”