If you follow me on any of my socials (Instagram, Facebook, or Snapchat) then you know that the boo and I risked leaving the Los Angeles airport during our one hour layover as we were headed to Hawaii to get some In-N-Out.

He’s from Cali and lives in Nashville so at least trying was a must. And we SUCCEEDED in purchasing the oh so tasty double doubles. However, we were 4 minutes late to the gate (arrived to the Delta terminal at 4:54 for our 5:00 departure) and the doors were already shut! Now of course we were in disbelief for a few minutes because the plane literally sat there for another ten. But we quickly remembered that when we originally planned this Hawaii trip we wanted it to be filled with adventure…and that is what we got! So we made our way to the info desk and got standby tickets (no need to pay a fee since over 100 seats were still available for the next day’s 5pm flight). We looked at each other and smiled and knew we were about to have the best 24 hours in LA!

Originally we wanted to rent a car from our go-to place, but they were sold out so we called around and decided to go with Sixt Rent a Car. We rented a Hyundai Accent for about $80 which wasn't too bad given that it was so last minute and many places were sold out. Laura was the representative that took care of us, and she was so friendly and personable that it made us even more excited about this 24 hour City of Angles exploration!


As I stated, Si is from Cali - specifically the Bay Area, but he had never been to LA so it was only right that we hit all of the touristy things we could in our short stay. First stop, Santa Monica Pier! I have visited LA a few times but had never gone to to the pier before. There was a free concert, and the musicians provied 90s band vibes as we strolled the pier. After we left the pier we went back to In-N-Out (for him) and Del Taco (for me...it was yum-my, and I really wish we had one  here in Nashville. 


Thank goodness Ross closes late, because with literally no luggage – not even a carry on bag I needed clothes and essentials for the stay. We crashed and before we knew it Friday morning was upon us. We headed to Roscoe’s Chicken & Waffles  and got the namesake…because why would you get anything else?! The chicken was so tender and juicy and the waffle + syrup combo was simply savory. After getting completely full, we made our way to Venice Beach for a few hours to relax (and of course take photos).

This is Parry, a bird from the pier that would only rotate his head as we took photos and beach goers passed by. Our fascination might seem odd, but just know we weren’t the only ones amazed that he did budge as people approached him for their IG photo opps. We walked up and down Venice then realized we should be making our way back towards the airport.

Now, after almost missing the flight the previous day, you would think we would head straight to the airport from Venice since we still needed to return the car, however Si, wanted Round Table Pizza. We were using our Waze navigation app and somehow we merged too soon , but good thing we did because we ended up near the airport and the correct way was in the opposite direction and was filled with the typical LA traffic.  It was about 3:45, and I didn’t want to take any more chances on missing our flight so we had to grab some food nearby. So what did he get to eat? Yep, you guessed it: In-N-Out. (I am shaking my head with you).

We quickly drove to Sixt to return the rental which was a pretty seamless process, but we had to wait about 20 minutes for one of their shuttles to take to us to the airport. By this time, I was a little nervous because several people were waiting. We finally get on a shuttle and the driver calls out the first stop…Swiss Air. You can only imagine how fast my heart was pacing and badly my palms were sweating! To stay calm, I talked with the father and daughter across from us who were visiting LA to take a tour of UCLA, but this convo was cut short when we all checked the time – their flight was quickly approaching too. >per the driver – there was unusual traffic for this time-frame on a Friday. We were barely moving< The father was gracious enough to tell us to have the shuttle driver take us to Delta, but we told them know because we would be passing their airline entrance first. Time: 4:45. Si asked the driver how far Delta was and he responded with, ” It’s all the way at the end. I can get you there more quickly than if you tried to run”…we decided to make a run for it, and I am glad we did because as we glanced back upon entering the Delta area to see that the bus had moved about 40 feet.

We raced inside and were directed to the expedited TSA line. Here, I told Si to leave all of his items it he bin and run to the gate. After I was cleared, I picked up all of the items that filled the bin and raced to our gate It was quite funny because I got closer I saw Si standing at the desk and pointing in my direction and saw him mouthing "There she is!!!" I made it to the counter! The lady scanned our boarding passes and we walked onto the blue lit plan and simultaneously did a deep sigh as we waited to take off to Hawai'i!!!

Were the double doubles worth missing the original flight? Without a doubt. YES!

For my readers with kids, don't think you have to miss out on fun vacations! There are a lot of fun, adventurous things for you all to do together! If you need suggestions, visit, parentsneed.com. One of the Hawaiian Islands is even included in the list!